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FULTON F2 Trailer Winch 1600 lb w/ Strap Adjust Handle Lifetime Warrany NO PLATE

FULTON F2 Trailer Winch 1600 lb w/ Strap Adjust Handle Lifetime Warrany NO PLATE



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Trailer Winches

Fulton, Bulldog & ProSeries have produced the finest winches in the industry for over 50 years. The result of engineering innovation, superior materials, and rugged manufacturing, Fulton Winches offer the greatest applications coverage for your unique needs. Ranging from the stylish and innovative F2 Winch to the wide variety of one-speed and two-speed winches, and our rugged brake winches, Fulton offers a style and capacity to meet virtually every need.

When selecting a winch you’ll generally need to:


  • Determine the environment (wet environment, saltwater)
  • Specify the capacity needed (Fulton products range from 600 lbs. to 2100 lbs.)
  • Determine whether a single-speed or multi-speed winch is required (cranking resistance)
  • The need for a braking solution to assist in managing the load (safety, pay-out)

The Fulton F2 Winch brings an innovative and attractive design that will update any marine trailer. Its clean, high-tech look is sleek and contemporary, and will complement the look of even high end boat and trailer combinations. Fulton continues to evolve industry-changing improvements in both performance and style with the Fulton F2 series of products.

Fulton, Bulldog & ProSeries brands single speed winches are designed to meet your toughest pulling demands. Our winches feature efficient gear ratios, and our “Comfort Grip” handle for ease of cranking. All gears are high-carbon steel for superb strength and long-term durability. Stamped carbon steel frames provide rigidity for gear alignment and longer cycle life. Zinc finishes provide excellent corrosion resistance in all environments.

Fulton, Bulldog & ProSeries brands two-speed winches offer one fast speed for quick uptake and, a second low speed for increased mechanical advantage. Our shift lock design allows changing gears without moving the crank handle from shaft to shaft. Neutral, free-wheel position allows quick line pay out without spinning the handle. A hand brake can be installed after the winch is mounted.

Fulton, Bulldog & ProSeries brands K-Series self-activating automatic brake winches hold the load securely when the crank handle is released. Typical applications include boat lifts, grain augers, manual forklifts, retractable swing keels, dumpster lid lifts, and manual hoists. Drum hubs are 10 times the recommended cable size to maximize cable life.