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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a listing of commonly asked questions and answers for the Gooseneck Trailer Hitch Head.
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  How large of a trailer can I tow?

Each vehicle has a published Gross Combined Weight Rating GCWR. This is the maximum allowable tow rating in terms of the combined vehicle and trailer weight. When the Gross Vehicle Weight GVW is subtracted, the maximum Gross Trailer Weight is revealed. For example, if a vehicle has a GVW of 9,200 lbs and a GCWR of 22,000 lbs the GTW would be 12,800 lbs. 22,000 - 9,200 = 12,800.

  What does the term Base Curb Weight mean?

Base Curb Weight is the nominal weight of a vehicle with standard equipment and a full tank of fuel. It does not include passengers, cargo or optional equipment.

  What is Commercial Towing?

It is any vehicle/trailer combination exceeding 26,000 lbs. Gross Combined Weight GCW.

  What is a Commercial Vehicle?

Any vehicle that exceeds 10,000 lbs. GVW.

  What does Gross Vehicle Weight or GVW mean?

Gross Vehicle Weight, (GVW), is the actual weight of the vehicle when fully loaded. It is the base curb weight plus the cargo weight.

  What does Gross Vehicle Weight Rating or GVWR mean?

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, (GVWR), is the maximum allowable weight of the fully loaded vehicle.

  What does Gross Combined Weight or GCW mean?

Gross Combined Weight, (GCW), is the actual weight of the vehicle and trailer combined. This weight should always be obtained by weighing the vehicle and trailer together on a scale.

  What does Gross Combined Weight Rating or GCWR mean?

Gross Combined Weight Rating, (GCWR), is the maximum weight of the towing vehicle and the loaded trailer - including cargo and passengers.

  What does Gross Trailer Weight or GTW mean?

Gross Trailer Weight, (GTW), is the weight of a trailer fully loaded.

  What does Payload mean?

Payload is the combined maximum allowable weight of cargo, occupants and optional equipment that the vehicle is designed to carry. (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating minus the base curb weight.)

  What does Gross Axle Weight or GAW mean?

Gross Axle Weight, (GAW), is the total weight supported by each axle (front or rear). To compute this weight for your vehicle and trailer combined, take the loaded vehicle and trailer to a scale. With the trailer attached, place the front wheels of the vehicle on the scale to obtain the front GAW. To obtain the rear GAW, weigh the towing vehicle with the trailer attached, but with just the four wheels of the vehicle on the scale. The rear GAW is determined by subtracting the front GAW from that amount.

  What does Gross Axle Weight Rating or GAWR mean?

Gross Axle Weight Rating, (GAWR), is the total weight each axle is capable of carrying. The total load on each axle must not exceed its GAWR.